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We provide services for building escape rooms and offer anything from turnkey products to scripts, props, electronics and more. We will also share our knowledge and expertise on how to attract more customers. Contact us to learn more about all business opportunities and become an escape room market leader in your area.
Superman in escape room business

Working with us you will receive important information and skills on:

avoid typical mistakes

How to quickly...

...launch a successfull escape game avoiding typical mistakes made by 95% of newcomers.
create immersive escape

How to make...

...highly immersive escape games, that will generate a lot of word-of-mouth referrals.
don't get stucked into routine

How not to...

...get stucked into routine and focus on developing your own chain.
create business plan

Start your business with us

Let's create your business plan together

What are the benefits of working with us?

products proven on the market

Market tested escape games

We focus on quality, not quantity. By purchasing our ready escape room, you will get a product time proven to be successful on the market.
best automation system

QUEEN automation system

Our unique project allows connecting all electronics in the game to the central computer. It also includes an ability to edit game scripts and effects allowing to customize and automate the escape room without having expensive professionals involved.
escape room region market analysis

Market analysis

Our job is not to just sell you an escape room, but to also ensure its success on the market. We will suggest a selection of games optimal for your area and will build an effective strategy to promote them.
Get economy on franchise payments

No franchise payments

We charge a fixed fee for a product or service. No royalties or lump sum payments
grow your revenue

Escape games promotion

We create effective marketing strategy to promote escape room and help with its implementation.
technical support included

After launch support

We provide continuous support to our clients. We do consulting, fix broken equipment, modify scenarios based on the needs of local target audience.
own production facility

Own production

Own workshop and a dedicated team of decorators, scriptwriters and engineers allowing us to produce required equipment and props for you quickly and professionally.
experts in escape room industry

Profound expertise

Over 120 completed projects around the world with provided photos, videos and documentation. The profit off them is marked as above industry average bringing their owners' companies to the top of the ratings.
we will find a solution for your case

Flexible approach

You are welcome to order not only a ready to go escape room from us, but also any services separately, such as writing a script, automating the game or creating individual puzzles.

What we can offer?

for newbies in business
For newcomers planning to launch their own escape room:
  1. We will share our experience and advise you how to avoid pitfalls .
  2. Will offer the most effective solution from our portfolio to start your business.
  3. Will provide the most advanced technology to bring your ideas to life.
  4. Will create a marketing strategy for your project and can implement it for you.
for experts in business
For existing escape rooms owners:
  1. Expanding your business? We will deliver ready-to-go, market tested solutions quickly and at a reasonable price.
  2. Will help to upgrade your escape games.
  3. Will write awesome escape room design on any theme.
  4. Will create puzzles and props based on your requirements.
  5. Will address and fix flaws of existing escape games
  6. Will create custom software based on escape game needs
  7. Will help to increase traffic to existing escape rooms.
for escape room builders
For escape game builders creating products for the market:
  1. Will cover up in case of unexpected overloads of your production capabilities or in event of Force Majeure
  2. QUEEN escape room creation platform. (Allows to significantly save on engineering and software solutions)
  3. Affiliate programs
  4. Joined projects to strengthen the market presence for both of us

Escape Room Doctor

escape rooms built in 12 countries
7500000 $
client profit from our products
satisfied clients
production facility
Top  10 %
of the most popular escape games

Our unique solutions

Centralized control system QUEEN
We have developed our own escape room automation and control system and successfully integrated it into our clients projects
Automate your escape games now and start saving on engineering infrastructure right away! Increase the revenue from each individual room by adding multi-story to the gameplay, organizing contests and receiving more referrals.
unique characters for escape rooms
Create unique characters for escape games per customer request
Escape room industry is developing rapidly today with players becoming more picky and older quests getting less popular. One of the best ways to give a second life to the room is to add a character to it, who can either lead the whole game, give out clues in unusual ways or be a separate puzzle on his own.

Our clients and partners

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Leeuwarden, Netherlands

We work worldwide

We participate in international exhibitions and conferences in the escape room industry regularly

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