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Escape Room Builders

Who we are? We are in business of providing escape room owners with products and services required for success. From writing a custom script to building a turnkey escape room - we've got it all covered. There are different ready-to-go escape games in our portfolio that have been bringing great profits to their owners all over the globe.

escape room doctor mission
Our Mission
We provide our partners all over the world with the quality escape room business which brings money to its owner and maximum fun to the clients.
escape room doctor vision
Our Vision
To become the world market leader in the escape room builders industry with business partners located in all major cities and have our technology featured in every fifth escape game in the world.

Escape Room Doctor

escape rooms built in 12 countries
7500000 $
client profit from our products
satisfied clients
production facility
Top  10 %
of the most popular escape games
Dmitriy Mikhailov
Dmitriy Mikhailov
Head of ERD USA
Ania Mouravnik
Ania Mouravnik
Head of ERD France
Alexey Spivak
Alexey Spivak
Head of ERD Italy
Yuri Komov
Evgeniy Shubin
Evgeniy Shubin
Marketing Director
Sergey Dolganuk
Sergey Dolganuk
Technical Director
Gabriel Perier
Gabriel Perier
Chief Script Writer
Dmitriy Savkin
Dmitriy Savkin
Art Director
Denis Nechipurenko
Denis Nechipurenko
Chief Sound Designer

The Beginning

In 2014 three young businessmen saw a lot of potential in escape room industry and created the company Cubirint. The first step was the development of “Zombie Hour” room that was one of the first fully automated games in Moscow. The technologies used while building the room were later utilized in "QUEEN" system creation. The game was loved by the capital visitors and not only. The “Best Escape Game of Moscow” reward by KudaGo portal was awarded to it along with many others.


We were actively building one escape after another - The Curse of the Sphinx, Freddie's Nightmare, Alice and more rooms were arising. Each new game was giving us more knowledge and skills on not only how to build escape rooms, but how to effectively operate them as well. We were constantly upgrading and improving already completed projects, as we were striving for perfection. For instance, Zombie Hour ended up receiving 8 new puzzles, and Freddy game was 50% changed within just 2 months after the launch.


An important step in the development of our company was signing the contract for an escape room building in Paris followed by offers to buy our franchise. We were pleased to meet many motivated, interesting professionals being engaged in the industry, which kindled our passion even more. We start investing heavily in “QUEEN” and the promotion of our products. Contracts followed all over the world - the USA, France, Canada, Spain, Kuwait, Germany. In 2017, the directors board meeting recognized the sale of products and services for escape room market as the business priority. This is how the story of escape room builders company has begun. The company was named Escape Room Doctor.

Our values

to be responsible


Every employee is responsible for his actions and decisions.
never give up


Never give up, get the job done, the solution will find itself.
trust and long-term relationships

Long term relationships

We truly believe that a successful and stable business in our industry can only be built on trusting and long-term relationships with our clients.

Quality at the expense of quantity

We don't take on the project if are unable to complete it with the highest quality.
always improve


We constantly optimize our activities and implement new technologies.

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