We will develop a unique design for an escape room for you

Our scriptwriters are able to create unique scenarios plus plots based on box-office movies and games emotionally engaging for the target audience, regardless of the age or the type of thinking. Puzzles of different complexity level, creative concept, unexpected twists of the storyline will create a perfect suspense that will turn the players into the industry fans.

Benefits of our scenarios


Every our script is a unique work of the team of script writers, engineers and artists.


All scenario puzzles are logically integrated into the plot in such way that players have a clear understanding what they are doing and why at every stage of the game.


We create scenarios with diverse puzzles so that any team player will find one to their liking.


Our scenarios can be played in different versions depending on the experience of the team or the age of the players.


We do not write book scenarios, but the ones ready to be implemented. When creating, we go by your budget and rely on our accumulated experience.

Base package of a unique design:

  1. Teaser for the room - a description of the room for marketing materials, the website, third-party portals.
  2. Legend (briefing). The main goal of the legend is to immerse players in the story and explain them their task.
  3. Synopsis - a brief description of the game plot.
  4. Description of the gameflow - the gameflow process with reference to puzzles.
  5. List of puzzles. A complete list of puzzles with descriptions and recommendations for their technical implementation.
  6. List of clues. There will be 1 - 3 clues given for each puzzle depending on its difficulty level. All clues logically fit into the plot.
  7. A detailed plan of the room with the location of objects in it.
  8. Recommendations for decorating the room in accordance to the game atmosphere.
  9. Recommendations for the game music .
  10. Support at the stage of implementation.

Order an escape room design and get a gift - one iteration for changes within 3 months after the project completion!

Workflow process

Agreement signing
First installment payment
Theme selection
Filling wishes brief
Concept creation
Concept approval
Script writing
Script inspection
2 iterations
Script Approval
Second installment payment
Help in implementation
3 months support

Additional services you can order:

Script upgrade

Will upgrade your script offering several levels of difficulty and alternative endings.

Decorators and engineers services

We will arrive at your location and do all works required to launch the game.

Escape room design

Will present a full visualization of rooms, gadgets and props done by our experienced interior designers and artists.

Gadgets and props

We will professionally sew, build, glue and put together props of any complexity and size for you.

Professional audio

Will record actor voices in the studio, mix up the music and create many various effects for sound design for any events and gadgets in the escape room.

Escape room automation

Will create a powerful control and automation system for your escape game with the QUEEN system.

Custom Software

We will write specialized software tailored to the needs of your escape room.


1. What happens if I do not like the script?

We will make changes according to your wishes. Do not worry, the process has been worked out to the smallest detail to ensure you will be happy with everything! Here is how it works. Before writing the script, we will share and confirm the script concept on the chosen topic with you. The concept will provide you with a pretty clear idea about the story, gameflow, a set of puzzles and how it will all end. In approximately a week after the approval of the concept, we will come up with the completed script offering you 2 free iterations to edit.

2. What do I do if I have issues with the script implementation?

You should contact us. Even if If you do everything on your own or hire other contractors, we will always advise you the best way of implementing any detail of the script. Well, if go with us to bring the script to life, you are guaranteed to avoid any difficulties.

3. Why do I need a professional sound design?

As you know, the atmosphere of the room is created by the sound, light, decorations and the performance of the actor (if there is one). A professional, well-thought audio design will add a minimum of + 30% to the atmosphere compared to the room with basic sounds or no sound at all ( unless the concept of the game doesn't imply you are a team of deaf or are located in vacuum).

4. What budget do I need to implement your scenario?

We write scripts based on not your wishes only, but considering your budget, market prices and your own possibilities for the project implementation. Therefore, the script will be tailored to your budget with about 10% error margin. If the project budget is not large, we can prepare a document - a development plan for the escape room. This way you will be able to gradually implement the scenario as funds appear. However, the room will be ready to play at the intermediate stages already.

5. What space is required for your scenario implementation?

Usually our clients already have premises and we write a script for an existing space. If there is no specific space parameters available, we can agree on the approximate parameters of the future premises and write a script based on these with some variation. After the space is confirmed, we will adjust the script accordingly.

6. How can I design a room for your scenario?

As part of working on a script, we give recommendations regarding the design of the room. You are also welcome to always order from us an escape project design additionaly, which will contain the interior rooms design along with sketches of furniture, decorations and game devices.

7. What is included in the script?

You can learn more about it in the Basic package section of the unique script above. For more information, you can always contact our consultant via the chat or leave a request in the form below.

8. Why should I choose you?

You should go with us because we write interesting, logical and implementabale scenarios for your budget. This is confirmed by our clients reviews. In fact, you should contact several companies and go with you gut feeling. To contact us, leave a request in the form below or write to the chat. Our specialists will consult you on the details of our services.

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