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Available ready to go rooms

Mystery Shack escape room for sale

Mystery Shack

  • The most popular among kids
  • Minimum investment
  • Resistant to damage
Freddy Nightmare escape room for sale

Freddy Nightmare

  • Gives a feeling of unreality
  • Stunning special effects
  • Very scary
Egyptian Tomb escape room for sale

Egyptian tomb

  • Multiple puzzles
  • Very resistant to damage
  • Full immersion
Zombie Bunker escape room for sale

Zombie Bunker

  • Huge target audience
  • Very resistant to breakage
  • Many awards
Looking glass escape room for sale

Looking Glass

  • Tons of parallel puzzles
  • Perfect for malls
  • Resistant to damage
Alice in wonderland escape room for sale

Alice in Wonderland

  • Wide target audience
  • Best escape in Moscow award
  • Magical scenery
Torture basement escape room for sale

Torture basement

  • Scary atmosphere
  • Easy to build
  • Resistant to damage
15500 €
Haunted motel escape room for sale

Haunted Motel

  • Non standard puzzles
  • Resistant to damage
  • Entourage
16200 €
Murder Mystery escape room for sale

Murder Mystery

  • Bar setting
  • Great for big groups
  • Unusual puzzles
16500 €
The Mafia escape room for sale

The Mafia

  • Strong start of the game
  • Players divided in teams
  • Many tasks
16700 €

Springfield Trouble

  • Millions of fans
  • Many tasks
  • Interesting story
17600 €
The Saw escape room for sale

The Saw

  • Popular maniac
  • Players divided in teams
  • Scary atmosphere
18000 €
Escape Plan escape room for sale

Escape Plan

  • Players divided in teams
  • Great for big groups
  • Resistant to damage
18200 €

Ninja Turtles

  • Easy and quick to build
  • Popular characters
  • Resistant to damage
18750 €
Zombie Apocalypse escape room for sale

Zombie Apocalypse

  • Break in instead of break out
  • Could be played with live actor
  • Research lab
19200 €
Witch Hunter escape room for sale

Witch Hunter

  • Hard to escape
  • Non linear game
  • Old mansion
23300 €
The Dig escape room for sale

The Dig

  • Big props
  • Lots of tech
  • Incredible sound
26500 €
Orphanage escape room for sale


  • Very unususal plot
  • A lot of tasks
  • Scary atmosphere
27000 €
Steampunk Zeppelin escape room for sale

Steampunk Zeppelin

  • Exciting plot
  • Advanced technology
  • Chic decorations
34000 €
Leonardo puzzle escape room for sale

Leonardo Puzzle

  • Advanced and spectacular mechanics
  • Many wow effects
  • Fascinating story
39000 €

Package deals

Base package deal | Escape Room Doctor
From {{currency:5750|10}}
This package is perfect for cost-conscious people. You will get only the most difficult-to-make equipment. The rest you will need to create by yourself with our remote support and documentation.
Full package deal | Escape Room Doctor
From {{currency:12600|10}}
We create and purchase all necessary equipment, props and puzzles, and send it to you. However all works on the site are done by the client. You will need to prepare the space, create artworks and install the equipment according to the documentation. All works are executed with our remote support.
Ultimate package deal | Escape Room Doctor
From {{currency:26000|10}}
We make turn-key escape room. We produce and deliver all necessary elements for escape game assembly. Our decorators, construction workers and engineers arrive at your location and work until the launch of the escape game. What is required from you is a site with walls, floor, ceiling and wiring.
We are flexible and can change or edit any package. Any of our escape games can also be altered based on your requirements.

Escape room price list - сhoose one that fits you

Escape roomGenreSpace areaNumber of roomsNumber of playersNumber of puzzlesSuccess rateAge restrictionsActorPackage price
Mystery ShackKids 22 - 61283 %8+Not required5750 €12600 €26000 €
Freddy NightmareHorror 4 - 52 - 61290 %18+Required6700 €15900 €39300 €
Egyptian tombAdventure 1 - 32 - 610 - 1465 %12+Not required6800 €18100 €36400 €
Zombie BunkerZombie 2 - 32 - 81481 %12+Optional6800 €17600 €34900 €
Looking GlassFairy tale 32 - 61477 %8+Not required6900 €15800 €31300 €
Alice in WonderlandFairy tale 3 - 42 - 81575 %8+Not required7200 €21400 €41200 €
Torture basementHorror 52 - 101595 %18+Not requiredNot availiable15500 €29400 €
Haunted MotelSpirits / Ghosts 42 - 61450 %16+Not requiredNot availiable16200 €32900 €
Murder MysteryDetective 34 - 121555 %12+Not requiredNot availiable16500 €31300 €
The MafiaJail 52 - 51535 %16+OptionalNot availiable16700 €32900 €
Springfield TroubleComedy 32 - 81961 %12+Not requiredNot availiable17600 €31250 €
The SawThriller 42 - 61590 %18+Not requiredNot availiable18000 €37000 €
Escape PlanJail 64 - 121564 %12+Not requiredNot availiable18200 €36400 €
Ninja TurtlesAdventure 42 - 81487 %12+Not requiredNot availiable18750 €35750 €
Zombie ApocalypseZombie 52 - 81345 %14+OptionalNot availiable19200 €39200 €
Witch HunterMagic 32 - 101425 %14+Not requiredNot availiable23300 €39500 €
The DigAdventure 43 - 101841 %12+Not requiredNot availiable26500 €53400 €
OrphanageMystic 42 - 82080 %14+Not requiredNot availiable27000 €48000 €
Steampunk ZeppelinSteam Punk 32 - 61482 %12+Not requiredNot availiable34000 €73000 €
Leonardo PuzzleMiddle Ages 42 - 81525 %12+Not requiredNot availiable39000 €77000 €

Ultimate discount

Discount when buying two Ultimate packages for one location
Discount when buying three Ultimate packages for one location

Can't decide which package to choose?
Our knowledgeable specialists will be happy to assist you with that. Please fill in the form to receive a consultation. We will talk in detail about the features of each of package and customize them for any special terms you may have.

Our approach to creating escape rooms

We do not like puzzles for puzzles. We integrate each puzzle into the plot, so that the player perfectly understands why he does that and how it is related to the whole story. All clues in our rooms are also provided in a very natural and logical way.
Our rooms are very atmospheric which is achieved through an efficient combination of the light, sound and decorations (we put a lot of effort in creating special effects for our games).
Being the owners of escape games chain, we have experienced the problem with players being very rough with the items in rooms. Therefore, we produce all products for our games to be vandal-resistant, excluding cases when it is unreasonably expensive. For example, over several years customers who have played our Zombie Hour game, failed to damage a single prop, except for some wall decorations.
Real materials
We believe in real materials, not imitations. For example, if there should be iron pipes featured in the game, we make them iron. If Gargulia is supposed to be made of stone, than that's how it's done, except when this is unreasonably expensive. If a box is supposed to have bullet marks, we shoot real bullets in the box. We would make exceptions for safety reasons, for example, if there is a rusty metal table supposed to be featured in the game, we will decorate a regular piece of furniture as rust is not safe.
Our games are highly technological. We do not use locks, keys and safes, except for when they are supposed to be featured in the game play without violating the atmosphere.
Our escape games are automated and controlled from a central computer using unique technology offered by the QUEEN automation system.
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