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Automate your rooms and start saving on engineering costs right now. Now you can create a next-gen game with fully automatic puzzles. The system will allow you to easily change the script and program the equipment without having expensive specialists involved. QUEEN is a totally new experience for players and allows surprising them with special effects that they have not seen before. QUEEN will take you escape room business to the next level. Boost the rooms profits by adding multiple scripts option, conducting cool contests and getting more referrals from your customers!
QUEEN for escape rooms

What is QUEEN system and why is it the best solution for escape room business

QUEEN - solution in the box
Set of hardware and software (complete solution in the box)
Our solution provides both hardware for processing the entire room electronics and software for flexible gameplay settings. Also there is comprehensive documentation, including assembly instructions, wiki articles, FAQ and a series of video tutorials available on our website.
control all electronics
Control over every detail
Control all devices in the room with one program. All sensors, puzzles, mechanisms, lighting, sound and videos are centrally controlled via QUEEN. Automatic gameplay, an ability to go to manual control and to omit complex or faulty puzzles plus much more - all this can be easily done from a single screen of the game master.
third-party integration
Integration of third-party hardware
For those who are already using popular technologies such as DMX, Philips HUE Lighting, Controlino - we provide an opportunity to integrate third-party devices right out of the box. The list of compatible devices is constantly updated plus customers can make a request.
game flow setup
Flexible setup of the gameflow
The software includes a special studio program allowing to customize the logic of the gameplay via simple and convenient visual design tools that do not require programming skills.
special effects editor
Creation of spectacular special effects
According to our clients, one of the best features is the ability to visually design the environment of the room and create beautiful special effects through a simple tool. This tool allows to easily control and sync lighting, sound, smoke effects and operate mechanisms.
video assistant
Video assistant
Video Assistant is a special program included in QUEEN that allows showing pictures on any screen, play audio and video files, display text clues, reflect a countdown timer and more.
clue editor
Clue editor
QUEEN contains a special software tool that allows customizing the clue system. You can use them as usual text, sound and video hints plus combine together with light and other special effects. Clues can be set up to appear fully automatically, or called by the game master.
multi scenario
Multi scenario and multi lingual abilities
QUEEN offers functions for creating multiple scripts and language versions for one room, which allows to adjust the game complexity, age restrictions, gameplay time, localization, etc. Switching to another script or language takes the game master only a few seconds.
Open API and architecture
For those developing their own gaming software for individual escape room sites, you can easily integrate it with the QUEEN system using our open API. We already have open modules for connecting any Arduino microcontroller, as well as VR, AR, Web and IoT integration.

What financial benefits you get from using the QUEEN system

reduce cost of ownership
Reduced technical costs
When building a new room using QUEEN technology, the total cost of the engineering related expenses will decrease. You will get a changeable and customizable game that you will be able to maintain on your own. Having no need to get expensive specialists involved will result in significant savings. We can easily demonstrate the numbers on any scenario.
reduce labor cost
Reduced labor costs
With QUEEN, one game master will be able to easily manage 3 rooms simultaneously. Very experienced game masters will be able to manage 5 games at once. Even if the rooms are not located in one place, QUEEN allows managing all of them remotely.
increase revenue
Increased escape room revenue
Using the multilingual and multi-script abilities of QUEEN, you can increase your target audience reach, as well as keep some teams coming back to play the same game. An improved game atmosphere by QUEEN plus wow effects will increase the number of customers who get referred by other players, as well as boost user positive feedback on the Internet .
staff control
Control over staff
QUEEN will track every game played and send data to your CRM. You will also be able see a separate report on the games played. Set a control time for the events where the game master should intervene in the game and view the performance of this indicator in the report.

QUEEN control system

2 x
Up to 2 times reduction in payroll
4 x
Up to 4 times reduction in technical costs
2 x
Up to 2 times increase in escape room revenue

QUEEN control system

QUEEN hardware complex


To provide integrated automation, we offer our customers all the necessary equipment to connect all electronics, sound, light and media devices.
QUEEN software suit


The software is designed for convenient design of script logic, creating special effects, prompts and managing media content.
download QUEEN

Try QUEEN in action.

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How do I start using QUEEN?

Leave a request and get the software trial version. Create your own projects in QUEEN studio by using our video tutorials and knowledge base articles. Create models of rooms, locks, puzzles, lighting, sensors, sounds, videos and more. Customize scripts, game logic, special effects and clue system. All this becomes available to you immediately and free of charge.
Get our hardware to manage room electronics
... or connect supported models of programmable logic controllers (controllino, DMX, Hue, etc.)
... or create your own Arduino-based controllers — they can be easily integrated into QUEEN and your project
After acquiring electronics controllers, “tie” your sensors and locks to real devices, and convey tests
Per your request, we will provide you with a license for 10 to 30 hours of full session free games, as well as technical support.
We have a team of engineers and hourly paid contractors ready to help you with the engineering infrastructure and scripts set up in QUEEN. If you do not have time, we can also help with the development and implementation of content for your game.


1. What is the main advantage of QUEEN?

The main idea of the QUEEN system is to intergrate all electronics, multimedia devices, light and sound effects, clue system and other useful tools in a single workspace. This provides easy customization of the game logic via a single editor as much as the imagination allows. We were unable to find any similar functionality offered in the world ;-)

2. Will the failure of the central control system cause the game to stop?

The failure of the central control system will really not allow the game to run, but the chance of such an event is extremely small. Practice shows, that the weakest parts of the escape game are gadgets in the room which people interact directly with. Our control system is a well-established and protected serial product. It is designed in such a way that even in the rare case of a malfunction, the problem always can be easily solved by either replacing a typical module, which can be bought at any store, or by transferring a faulty control channel to a free and good one without reprogramming the script. This process is done quickly, easily and doesn't make a room stop operating for more than 1 hour.

3. Do I need to program in QUEEN to customize the game script?

No. To create a script in the QUEEN system, there is a convenient graphical editor allowing you to easily set up an option of an automatic control over the gaming process. QUEEN operates all electronics in a single workspace and allows creating both simple transitions, that are typical of classic linear escapes, and complex logical structures without programming.

4. What is a special effect in QUEEN?

A special effect (or macro effect) is a special component of the system that allows the user to create an unforgettable atmosphere. We have developed a convenient editor for customizing a variety of actions with light, sound, video, smoke, mechanisms, with anything pretty much, plus giving the user an ability to set the time for the action. This is how you will be able to create various scary effects, thunder and lightning, flickering mystical light, power outages, fading and increasing light and sound effects, strobe lights and more. The list is endless, your creativity is the only limit - and all this can be easily configured without programming.

5. How is the clue system implemented in QUEEN?

There are two types of clues available in the QUEEN system - automatic and the ones given by the game master command. Automatic clues are set as the part of the script and can be triggered after the time to solve a particular puzzle has elapsed; or generated by any sensors in the room based on a certain event in the game. Game master command clues are created in a special graphic clue editor. The clue system has two distinctive features. First, the clues can be technically anything: a video clip, a text with a typewriter effect, an image, a sound, or a voice - all of this can be used in various combinations with each other. And second, the clues can be set up as contextual, which means the game master can call only those clues that are relevant at a certain point in time.

6. Does QUEEN support the ability to create multiple scripts?

Yes, QUEEN allows creating many different scenarios for a single escape game. This is done very easily allowing the user to come up with various game modes, for example, difficult/easy, children/adult, scary/not scary etc. You are also able to set up a reverse gameplay. Most importantly, all this can done without making any constructive changes, a required scenario is simply selected per customer request within a few seconds!

7. Does QUEEN support multilingual capability?

Multilingual capability in the QUEEN system is delivered in a box as a standard component. All you need to do is to prepare multimedia, content in different languages and integrate it in the system in accordance with our documentation. Further on the choice of language is made in just a few seconds, even when the game is running.

8. Do I need to hire an engineer to install the equipment?

It is recommended to have some engineering skills for electrical equipment installation, for example to be able to use a multimeter. However, when purchasing our equipment (QUEEN pack), you will receive detailed installation instructions, and will be able to assemble a control system as if it were a constructor for kids. If you use third-party equipment, skill level requirements rise up significantly.

9. What types of equipment are supported by the QUEEN system?

In addition to our own hardware, we already know how to work with Philips HUE, DMX, Controllino, MQTT devices. We are ready to further integrate any equipment that can be bought at the store. If you have unsupported but typical end equipment, we will consider the option of integrating it into our system for you.

10. What do I do if a prop breaks?

The QUEEN system includes a command for the game master, which is called “skip step”. It lets you skip the task, thus smoothing out the malfunctioning of the gadget and allowing players to continue the game. This is a good temporary solution for the game operating that doesn't involve any financial losses until the scheduled repair of the broken device takes place.

11. Do you provide the documentation for the system?

QUEEN has a profound documentation that stores technical specifications of our products, wiring diagrams, equipment setup guides, naming guidelines, cable length calculations, software instructions and more. We also offer a free video course that explains how to automate the game from scratch using the QUEEN system. There is general information for beginners plus useful tips for professionals. Over 90% of clients are able to automate their games on their own after watching the course.

12. How is technical support provided?

The purchase of a QUEEN license comes with 10 hours of consultation. In addition to that, there is support for the product itself offering bug fixing in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, if video courses, documentation and free support happen not to be enough, we are happy to provide hourly assistance, including system remote connection and help in setting up the script right at your location. We can also implement a comprehensive automation of your room, including engineering consulting and writing specific software.


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