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Freddy Nightmare is our scariest escape game. Manly men scream in horror while fragile girls try to escape. The atmosphere of the favorite horror movie and special effects by QUEEN will not leave anyone indifferent. There are two characters in the game played by one actor and many references to the original movie without copyright infringement.
Space area
Number of rooms
4 - 5
Number of players
2 - 6
Number of puzzles
Success rate
90 %
Age restrictions

Escape room features

scary dream

Gives a feeling of unreality

Incredible actor

Stunning special effects

best for halloween

Very scary

A wave of murders and attacks swept through the city leaving some of the victims in a coma. The police hit dead end as the facts are very contradictory and the offender leaves no traces. The only thing that unites the victims is the fear of falling asleep and the crazy story that, while dreaming, they are being pursued by the same person with a burned face and blades sticking out of his fingers.
Photo and video

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Package priceNot available27000 €65000 €
Documentation pack
Includes legend, synopsis, plot, description of the game flow, clues and gameplay videos.
Technical project
Floor plan with objects location, gadget connection scheme, gadgets description , wiring scheme
Electronics purchasing list
A list with links to international online stores. Applies to Base package only.
Not required. We make all purchases. Not required. We will purchase everything.
Room design recommendations
Photos with material description and room design suggestions
Not required. We will design the room.
Intellectual property
Game usage license
We guarantee the exclusiveness - you will be the only one to have the game in your area.
Game content
All necessary audio, photo and video materials.
All required custom software and licenses
QUEEN control system license
One lifetime license
Equipment, props, puzzles
QUEEN pack
QUEEN pack and lifetime license
Game props and puzzles
All equipment necessary for running the game
Produced by the client
Equipment delivery
To be paid separately To be paid separately To be paid separately
Works at client's site
Site preparation for installations and art work
Walls, floor, ceiling construction, art work preparation. Laying electrics. Doors installation.
Performed by the client Performed by the client Performed by the client
Room decoration works
Performed by the client Performed by the client
Equipment mounting and installation
Performed by the client Performed by the client
Equipment and software set up
Performed remotely Performed remotely
Test games and corrective actions
Performed remotely Performed remotely
Warranty and support
Informational support at all stages of project implementation
Warranty service
3 months 6 months 6 months
Technical support after launch
3 months 6 months 12 months
We can modify this game to suit your needs, premises features, the target audience and the market!

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