Set QUEEN to control your games and forget about the routine

Set up the system the way it is required for your operations. Let each game be run in automatic or semi-automatic mode, and allow your customers to enjoy a great atmosphere. Due to comprehensive system of documentation and video tutorials, the integration of QUEEN will be easy even for people with no professional engineering skills. Let's take a look at the process in more detail.
how to integrate and tune QUEEN system

QUEEN integration steps

connect escape room electronics to QUEEN
Connecting electronics to QUEEN
In order for QUEEN to control the electronic devices in the game, they must be connected to the central control system. You can do this with the help of our controllers, or use equipment from recognized third-party manufacturers. More information can be found in our documentation.
Setup QUEEN software
Software setup and tune
QUEEN is a multifunctional escape room automation platform that can be customized for any specific needs. In QUEEN, there is no need to program - the game can be automated in a convenient visual editor allowing to create the logic of the game, clue system, special effects, connect screens and mobile terminals, animate characters and much more. Also the QUEEN software includes simulators of physical devices, allowing you to "feel" the full power of the functionality even without the equipment purchase.
test queen installation
Testing the installation
As with any software integration process, errors or additional suggestions for program performance may occur. After each test, you can quickly and easily change any setting on your own, without seeking the help of programmers and engineers. This will allow you to focus on directorial and art work more, rather than technical aspects, and create the atmosphere the way you want it to be.
QUEEN system staff training
Training of the staff
In order for your staff to effectively use the system, it is necessary to teach the basic functions of the program. The graphical interface of the game master’s workplace is intuitively clear and can be configured any way, allowing you to spend almost no time on training employees. From our experience, the game master begins to run the game on his own after conducting 1 - 2 test games. To teach the administrator to make changes to the work logic is also quite simple when using our video course.

Ways to integrate QUEEN

integrate QUEEN system on your own

On your own using instructions

You can do all this by yourself with the help of our documentation and video lessons. On the documentation page you will find comprehensive information on the implementation of QUEEN in your escape room.
ask Escape Room Doctor to integrate QUEEN

With the help of our specialists

Escape Room Doctor specialists can help with any of the integration steps or complete a complex automation for the project. The cost of our specialists varies from {{currency:25|1}} to {{currency:50|1}} per hour depending on the level of the task complexity.


1. Will I be able to integrate QUEEN on my own?

Yes you will be able to do that. You will have access to all documentation, video tutorials, as well as support from our team. If you are hesitant, you can alway allow our specialists to integrate QUEEN for you.

2. How long will it take to integrate QUEEN in my escape room?

The integtation time frame highly depends on the room itself. From our experience, an average QUEEN integration project can take from 1 to 2 weeks given that there are competent specialists in the team. For fast and high-quality electrical installation, we recommend having an engineer or person familiar with electronics in the team. The situation with scenario set up is much easier. Simple linear games containing a couple of dozen "trigger action" transitions can be set up in one evening.

3. Can your company help me with the integration?

Yes, sure! We have the expertise required to integrate our product quickly and with no impact on your business operations.

4. How much do your services cost?

The rate of our consultants varies from {{currency:25|1}} to {{currency:50|1}} per hour. For example, simple setting tasks will be performed by a junior specialist with the rate of {{currency:25|1}} per hour. For engineering consulting or specific tasks, a senior specialist will be required with the rate of {{currency:50|1}} per hour. To make a more precise time and cost estimate, we will need to get familir with your task.

5. Where can I read the QUEEN system documentation?

All QUEEN system documentation is posted on our website in the documentation section.

6. Are there any recommendations for integration?

Yes. We have completed more than 70 projects on escape rooms complex automation and have gained an extensive experience. Based on it, we made a video course revealing many of the best integration practices. For example, the naming system, the calculation of cables, examples of software configuration, etc. In general, this video course shows how you can automate the escape room with only the floor plan and the game scenario. It is implied that you already have electronics and puzzles.

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