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QUEEN software is a universal platform that allows combining various technologies into a single workspace. You will be able to easily create game scenarios in the form of an intuitive visual diagram of events and actions. QUEEN includes several major components. Let's consider them in more detail below.
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QUEEN Software components

software for modelling escape rooms

QUEEN Studio

A tool for visual design of escape rooms, setting up a game scenario, various mechanisms, special effects and a clue system.
escape rooms management software


Escape room management program. It provides automatic operation of what has been created in studio, and also offers a graphical control interface for the game master.
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The program to work with displays inside the room. It takes commands over the network and displays necessary text or graphic information or plays sound.
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QUEEN Utilities

A set of programs for debugging and testing. Also includes the QUEEN Sound program, which allows controlling any sound source over the network.

Supported Platforms

windows platform
raspberry Pi platform
QUEEN Studio
Main features of QUEEN Studio:
  • Customize the graphical interface of escape room
  • Create a model of all electronics in your room
  • Bind graphic components to real electronics
  • Connect as many sound sources and sound channels as you want
  • Connect as many screens within the room as you want
  • Set up special effects and macros
  • Bind effects to control interface buttons
  • Automate script logic in a simple and convenient graphical interface.
  • Create multiple scenarios of one escape room
  • Set up the clues in the context of the game stage
More detailed information can be found in our documentation.
Main features of QUEEN Room:
  • Track the status and condition of all escape rooms elements in the user-friendly interface that you created in QUEEN Studio
  • Control time of the escape game
  • Give preconfigured contextual clues
  • Launch customized special effects
  • Control sound and volume on the fly
  • Change the language of the scenario with two clicks
More detailed information can be found in our documentation.
Main features of QUEEN TV:
  • Displays any media information and a timer
  • Displays text clues with the printing effect and without it.
  • Plays sound
  • Works per the game master request and in automatic mode by script events.
  • There can be as many screens within a single game as you need.
  • Works over Ethernet
More information can be found in our documentation.
QUEEN Utilities
The QUEEN Utilities package consists of three programs that make working with QUEEN even more convenient and enjoyable:
  • QUEEN Sound - the program that is installed on a remote device allowing to control the sound channels connected to this device
  • QUEEN Board - QUEEN Board Simulator
  • QUEEN Unisense - QUEEN Unisense Board Simulator
QUEEN Board and Unisense simulators allow simulating the behavior of electronics in the escape room, which lets you debug and test the game logic without having to connect to real electronics. More information can be found in our documentation.
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hardware for escape rooms


To ensure complex automation, we don't offer our customers the software only, but also all equipment required to connect all the elements of the room.
QUEEN video tutorial

Video Tutorial

Detailed video course on how to make a complex automation of the game using QUEEN control system. You will go through the whole process from a script to finished automation.
QUEEN documentation

Detailed documentation

Someone likes to watch the video, and someone reads the documentation or addresses to it in the process. For these purposes, we have developed detailed documentation.


1. Where can I download and from what should I start?

A stable version of the software can be downloaded here. To get started with QUEEN, we recommend to get familiar with our video course.

2. What does the video tutorial contain?

The video tutorial is built as follows: we only have a script and the floor plan. In just a few hours of video training, we will show you step by step how to make the game fully automated. For this purpose we have developed a game called "Cursed Amulet". Video training will demonstrate almost all functions of the system.

3. What are the key differences between QUEEN and other systems?

QUEEN is primarily focused on creating automatic control over the room. The idea behind building the software is quite original - we don't offer a game manager assistant like most manufacturers, but a full-fledged CAD system. You load the floor plan as a substrate (or any picture), place elements on it clearly (lights, locks, sensors, etc.), adjust the elements behavior, scripts, special effects, and clues. The second important feature of QUEEN is its versatility - although it includes all necessary utilities for running games, such as timers, clue systems, a game master console, video assistants, etc., it can be easily used for any other purposes, such as automation of stands, attractions, smart homes etc.

4. How reliable is your software?

The escape room control program runs on a real-time engine. To increase reliability, we made the system work in a fully deterministic cycle of 100ms. That means all sensors connected to the system are polled 10 times per second. The engine was developed by a team of specialists who were engaged in the development of unmanned technology systems on Russian railways. Using the best practices of industrial automation, we have achieved high levels of reliability of the system core, which has been confirmed by many years of its work.

5. What platforms are supported by QUEEN software?

The QUEEN software has been written using the Qt crossplatform library and can be run on many operating systems. At the moment we officially publish two assemblies: for Windows and for Raspberry Pi. Software can potentially be compiled for other OSs, such as MacOS, Linux, etc.

6. Can the software work separately from the hardware?

Yes, QUEEN software was originally developed as a separate product. That means , you can use the game master room terminal, display clues and a timer, play audio and video, voice characters etc without having the hardware. Moreover, you can create a virtual model of electronics and sensors in the game, debug it on special simulators included in Queen Utilities and connect the real hardware later, the logic will remain identical.

7. How do you implement the logic of an escape room automatic control?

In the QUEEN system the script is responsible for the logic control. For user convenience, it is divided into stages, each of which describes some elementary task. In essence, the scenario is a transition system implemented on a “event-action” basis. That is, when an event occurs in the room, the system performs some action, for example, go to the next stage, open the lock, trigger a special effect, send a clue and so on. A condition, as well as an action, can be anything within the limits of the QUEEN system's capabilities, which makes customization options very flexible and functional. QUEEN allows having multiple scenarios in one game with multi-language support for clients.

8. What do you mean by special effect?

Special effects are a set of commands with precise timing for controlling various devices for creating an atmosphere, spectacular and WOW effects. As it was said above, the system implements a high-speed work with electronics in real-time mode, so that special effects givs an ability to subtly synchronize various actions with light, sound, smoke, video and everything that can be controlled in one working space in general. This tool also allows focusing on directing the escape game without being distracted on technical details.

9. Does QUEEN Software have industry standard parts familiar to the game master?

We are closely following the growing of escape room control systems market and are constantly refining our product. Of course, all the standard components which everyone use is also available in QUEEN software. These include: a clue system, a gamemaster console, a step skip system if equipment malfunction, text and timer output, playing sounds and videos, integration with arduino, controllino, IoT, setting up screens and much more.


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