escape rooms automation

Automate any escape room based on your requirements

Do you want to automatically respond to any events in the game? Or wish to lessen the negative impact of the human factor? Room automation addresses both issues perfectly and much more. We can automate finished and running escape rooms plus the games that are planned to be built. We have a great choice of hardware and software allowing to solve almost any problem.

What exactly we do

project documentation

Develop project documentation

We create a complete set of documentation (layout schemes, cable journal, connection diagrams, etc.) that can be used by builders, electricians and other specialists for doing project works.
automatic game flow

Configure the script and create automatic game flow

We implement all the logic of your scenario in the room control program. We automate the script via exclusive, specially designed escape room platform QUEEN. Optional implementation of special effects, multi languages and multi-script abilities, adding levels of difficulty if needed.
video assistant

Set up the video assistant

There is an unspoken standard in the escape room industry that implies there should be a display in the room or tablet for playing a briefing, indicating a countdown timer, giving clues etc. We do have such a component and configure it as well.
integrate puzzles

Integrate any gadgets

If you order gadgets from somewhere else or they have already been made to order, our experts can make an assessment about their integration, give recommendations and solutions.

You will receive:

  1. Automatic gameflow with a convenient control system.
  2. Great atmosphere of the room due to the impressive special effects (light, sound, smoke, etc.)
  3. Device diagnostic and monitoring system.
  4. Convenience and ease of making changes to the room scenario.
  5. Possible reduction of staff if there are several rooms available.
  6. Reducing the negative impact of the human factor.
  7. Instructions how to operate software
  8. Remote technical support after launch
escape room automation pack

Leave your request right now! Our specialists will provide you with details on automating your escape room.

We also offer:

escape room design

Escape room design

We will create a scenario from scratch or refine your script offering several levels of difficulty and alternative endings.
workers on your location

Decorators and engineers services

We will arrive at your location and do all works required to launch the game.
custom software for escape rooms

Custom Software

We will write specialized software tailored to the needs of your escape room.
custom sound design

Professional audio

Will record actor voices in the studio, mix up the music and create many various effects for the sound design of any events and gadgets in the escape room.
Just do it

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Regardless of whether you are an experienced escape room business owner or just making first steps in the indutry - we can help. Our knowlegeable team is guaranteed to dramatically upgrade your game user experience or create a ready to use room for you from scratch. Reach out to us in your native language - we are multilingual. And let's bring the project to life!
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