custom gadgets and props building

Custom equipment for escape rooms. Gadgets and props of any complexity for you

Our large team of decorators and engineers with an extensive experience in the movie industry will professionally sew, knock, glue, assemble for you any realistic figure or object that will immediately take the experience of your room to the next level. We will easily manufacture and bring to life things like the Sphinx's head of the wall size, the Kraken figure and more. Will produce anything from a severed and bloody limb to a spacecraft control panel or a Minotaur labyrinth and many other room elements to fit your needs. You can leave a request for props manufacturing of any complexity and size.

Why order from us?

own production facility

Have our own production

The workshop and full time staff of designers, programmers and decorators allow us to quickly and professionally produce required equipment and props for you.
any materials

Work with various materials

We work with wood, plywood, metal, plastic, stone and clay. We are also able to work with any new material for you.
guarantee for any product

Provide guarantee

We give a guarantee on our products based on their type varying from 3 months to a year usually.
technical support

Provide after shipment support

If the gadget broke, we can either repair it ourselves, or help with repairs remotely.

Workflow process

Task description
Our assessment
Agreement signing
First installment payment
Second installment payment

Leave your request right now! Our specialists will provide you with details on custom gadgets creation.

Additional services you can order:

escape room design

Escape room design

Will create from scratch or refine your scenario including several levels of difficulty and alternative endings.
audio design

Professional audio

Will record actor voices in the studio, mix up the music and create many various effects for sound design for any events and gadgets in the escape room.
we will automate your escape room

Escape room automation

Will create a powerful control and automation system for your escape game with the QUEEN system.
decorators and engineers work at your location

Decorators and engineers services

We will arrive at your location and do all works required to launch the game.
develop custom software for escape rooms

Custom Software

We will write specialized software tailored to the needs of your escape room.


1. What is the cost and production time for puzzles and props?

Prices and processing time depend on the number of factors: materials used, product dimensions, whether the product requires a special software write up etc. Leave a request for the product and our specialists will provide you with a quote and order completion time according to your wishes.

2. Is there a discount available when purchasing multiple equipment for escape room?

Sure! The larger the volume, the smaller the transaction and some production costs get allowing to decrease the final cost of the product and offer a discount to our customers.

3. What happens if the equipment breaks?

If this happens, we will repair, produce a new one or help repairing a failed product. This will be done free of charge as it is covered by the warranty.

4. What type of props and gadgets can you produce?

We can make any puzzle available in the escape room industry. We work with metal, wood, plywood, clay and even stone. There are machines in our workshop that allow doing high-precision processing of the material. The decoration of the products is done manually by our artists, decorators, while the technical part is created and built by our engineers. Just show us any prop or describe how it is supposed to look and perform, and we will make it for you. We can also come up with a product concept based on a general description and suggest on its appearance and functionality.

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Whether you just plan on opening an escape game business or dream to take your existing games to the next level - we've got you covered! Your skills level and expertise in the industry is not important for us as long as you are looking for ways to own a profitable business. We guarantee to build a successful escape room for you from scratch or upgrade your current one to generate more bookings. Our multilingual team of experts is here for you - just contact us!
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