audio design for escape rooms

Professional audio design for your escape game

We will select, compile, record and process a unique sound design for your escape game. You will receive a complete set of necessary background music, sound effects and speeches of characters that fully correspond to the theme and scenario of your game. We have our own recording studio and cooperate with a huge base of time-tested speakers and composers.

Our advantages

sound engineer

Personal sound engineer

A personal sound engineer with a lot of experience stands out for the project. This way you will receive a professional who will put his heart and years of experience into your project.
high quality of sound

High sound quality

All sound is recorded on professional expensive equipment, processed and cleaned, if necessary, in specialized programs.
dictors base

Huge base of actors

We started working with sound long before we started doing escape rooms (for more than 10 years). During this time we have accumulated vast experience and a huge base of reliable actors who will voice your escape game as you want (casting) or make a parody of the celebrities you need. We work with actors in different languages.
unique sound


We create a unique sound, and not just insert melodies and sounds into your background track.
legal security

Legal security

We fully transfer to you the rights to use and distribute all audio content used in the escape room. Be sure that licenses will be purchased for all third-party sounds and melodies and transferred to you.

What is included in audio design service?

  1. Writing and / or coordination of technical requirements for audio design.
  2. Sound engineer for your project.
  3. Actors selection and casting.
  4. Selection or producing of unique background sound accompaniment.
  5. Creating sound effects for all necessary events of escape game.
  6. Sound recording of actors, voice processing, adding effects.
  7. Audio mixing, volume adjustments.
  8. Consultations regarding sound equipment parameters.
sound design package

Leave your request right now! Our specialists will provide you with details on professional audio for your escape rooms.

Workflow process

You send us the script
Agreement signing
First payment installment
Drafting technical specifications
Approval of technical specifications
Actors casting
Payment to approved actors
Project completion
Work inspection
2 iterations of changes
Project acceptance
Second payment installment

Additional services you can order:

escape room design

Escape room design

Will create from scratch or refine your scenario including several levels of difficulty and alternative endings.
sound in video editing

Video sound design and / or editing

In addition to sounding the entire game, we can also make audio for any required videos or even edit them.
create custom gadgets

Gadgets and props

We will professionally sew, build, glue and put together props of any complexity and size for you.
develop custom software


We will write specialized software tailored to the needs of your escape room.
escape room automation

Escape room automation

Will create a powerful control and automation system for your escape game with the QUEEN system.
Just do it

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You can be at any stage with your escape room - we are guaranteed to make a difference for your project. Whether it is just an idea of the game or a fully running business - we can help. From building a new room from scratch for you to fine tuning your current one to generate more traffic - we do it all. Contact us in your native language to get started!
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