custom software for escape rooms

Custom software for your escape rooms

Do you have a specific task that requires programming? Do not worry, we've got it covered! We will write any software for you, from low-level firmware arduino microcontrollers to the application software. Considerging over five years of our experience in the escape room field, we do not need to be additionally explained such features of the genre as "where is the mode for game master recharging" or "players should not get to the tablet desktop"

What exactly we do

arduino firmwares

Arduino and other controllers firmware

Need to automate gadget work? If there is the microcontroller inside, we will easily solve the problem based by even a verbal description of the behavior.
business applications

Applications for phones, tablets, computers

We can write a program or game for modern hardware platforms according to your task.
interactive games

Programming unusual interactive games in the room

We use the centralized automation system QUEEN, which integrates all electronic objects into a single space where you can do anything using the built-in script language in QUEEN. Imagine that each button, reed switch, limit switch or other sensor is just like a joystick, and any lighting, sound, smoke, image, video is something that can be influenced on in real time. Having such an arsenal and a little imagination you can make very unusual interactive games within the room using the same equipment in different ways.
VR and AR development

3D programming, virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality

We have developed a new direction for creating three-dimensional content and writing interactive applications for VR and AR. This is a completely new level in the escape room industry.
Integration of third-party software

Adaptation of existing open source video games

We are ready to adapt any game into our automation system as long as there is an open source code or open interfaces allowing to do it available.

Leave your request right now! And forget about software development difficulty

Additional services you can order:

escape room design

Escape Room Design

Will create from scratch or refine your scenario including several levels of difficulty and alternative endings.
audio design

Professional audio

Will record actor voices in the studio, mix up the music and create many various effects for sound design of any events and gadgets in the escape room.
custom equipment for escape rooms

Gadgets and props

We will professionally sew, build, glue and put together props of any complexity and size for you.
escape room automation

Escape room automation

Will create a powerful control and automation system for your escape game with the QUEEN system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost and development time?

The cost and development time always depends on the task and requires a preliminary assessment. For example, writing a firmware for Arduino can take only a few hours or a couple of days for one specialist and will cost from {{currency:80|5}} to {{currency:300|10}} . Development or integration of the simplest games like snake, tetris or peckman takes about a week and costs up to {{currency:750|10}} . However, creating a high-quality VR game can take up to 3 weeks and start from {{currency:2500|50}} .

2. Who owns the rights to the developed software?

All intellectual rights for the developed software are transferred to the client.

3. How does the process work?

First you describe the project or give us the technical task. In simple cases, a verbal explanation of the task will suffice. We estimate the time and cost then, and if the task is large, we divide it into stages and provide estimates of the time and cost for each stage separately. You make a down payment and we get to work. Next, we hand over the project to you step by step or all at once and you pay the rest of the balance. Installment payments may be different depending on the amount of work at each stage.

4. What if the software stops working?

Software is an algorithm and it is pre determined. If it worked at one point, it can't just stop functioning. Sometimes if the operating system has been updated, the software may actually start to work incorrectly. In such cases, we recommend to go back to the previous version. If this update is critical for you, we can modify the program for this OS update. This does not apply to our software and hardware - QUEEN software suite. QUEEN is a platform that we constantly update and sell as a separate product on the market. Therefore, QUEEN is updated by us for free with the release of new operating systems.

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