Turnkey Escape Room - exclusive on your chosen theme

Our team will create an interesting and unique turnkey escape room on any topic proposed by you, or our specialists will be happy to help you to make a choice, focusing on your capabilities and hobbies. We work with any materials and technologies, it allows us to create everything that can be seen in the Escape Games industry. Leave a request for a turnkey escape room and start working on a new project right now!

Benefits of turnkey escape rooms

Turnkey escape rooms logic


All our escape games are logical and all puzzles and clues are the part of the story
We carry out urgent orders


With our help you can start earning money very quickly
The quality of escape rooms is a guarantee of our company


All items are made individually and are resistant to breakage.
Individual approach to creating escape rooms

Individual approach

We develop a turnkey escape room specifically for you, on a topic that you choose by yourself or together with us and we focus on your requirements and capabilities.
Fully automated escape rooms


We automate our escape rooms, all of them are controlled using one computer and our unique development - QUEEN

What is included in the turnkey escape room?

  1. Selection and coordination of the topic
  2. Create game design
  3. Creation of technical documentation
  4. Construction work according to the developed plan (often it is more profitable to carry out construction work by the customer independently)
  5. Production of unique puzzles, props, creation of media content
  6. Develop software
  7. Installation and decoration
  8. Support after launch and guarantee period

Order a turnkey escape room on your topic!

Work process

Topic selection
Prerayment for the game design
Game design
Game design approval
May be several edits
Prepayment for production
Writing of technical project
Construction works
Based on a technical project
Puzzles and props production
Installation and decoration
Last payment
Guarantee period

Escape room examples


1. What is the price of creating a turnkey escape room?

The cost of creating a turnkey escape room depends on many factors such as: your location (different cost of living and delivery), the chosen topic and the complexity of the scenario, the area and the time frame. For example, you can choose a theme that doesn't require expensive decorations, just simple ones but interesting puzzles without writing complex software or VR games and keeping within {{currency:15000|100}} for everything (perfect if escape rooms in your city are just starting to develop and there are no strong competitors). And you can choose a very expensive theme such as Sci-Fi or magic and implement it with expensive decorations, wow effects and sophisticated riddles. Such escape room on an area of ​​50m2 can easily cost in {{currency:50000|1000}} - {{currency:80000|1000}} . In any case, before starting work, we will discuss the details with you and select the option that suits you, drawing up a preliminary business plan

2. What is the construction time for a turnkey escape room?

All terms are discussed individually with the customer and depend on many factors such as: the speed of scenario coordination, your ability to prepare the place, the complexity of the necessary software, the complexity of the devices in the escape room, location (affects at the delivery time), etc. The average time for creating a turnkey escape room from the contract is 6 months. If you choose an escape room from our portfolio (we already built one - there are all the documentation, software and media content), it is not like create a new one, you can meet 3 months or even 2 if you really try (it will increase the budget).

3. Will it be possible to contact you for help during the operation of the escape room?

Of course, we give 6 months guarantee for the manufactured equipment and 12 months of remote technical support. If you need to change these conditions, we are ready to discuss options. Also, even after the end of the technical support period, you can extend it.

4. How is guarantee service provided?

If your device breaks down during the guarantee period, we will replace it for free, or help you repair it remotely, providing you with all the necessary information to fix it and, if necessary, using video communication. Fixing without replacement can be useful when you need to quickly repair the device without sending it to us. To do this, together with the escape room, we transfer all the necessary parts for potential repairs.

5. How is implemented remote technical support?

Especially for your company, we create a separate chat in whats up with our specialists. In case of any difficulties and / or problems, your employees write in this chat about the problem and we help to fix it.

6. What is the work scheme for building a turnkey escape room?

The process of work is simple. We are discussing with you the details of a future project, we plan the budget, select the topic (s). Then we write a concept for the selected theme and then a script. After approvement of the scenario, we proceed to the development of technical documentation and the development of software and content. When the technical documentation is ready, you can start building walls, making ventilation, conducting wiring (usually this falls on you). At this time, we produce all the puzzles, props, and portable decorations. When everything is ready, our experts come to you, decorate walls, ceilings, floors, secret passages, create decorations on the spot that are not transported, and connect all the escape room details. After that we conduct test launches, train your employees and then your escape room is launched into commercial operation. If necessary, we can help you with marketing (to develop a brand book, website, printed materials, strategy, setting up advertising campaigns). We can also agree on only a part of the work, for example, only production or only a scenario, etc. Any components of the process can be performed separately.

7. Why I need to choose you?

We have a lot of experience and have built more than 100 projects. We will help you create a unique and interesting escape game that will bring a steady income. Our escape rooms are fully automated with our unique QUEEN system. We have offices in several countries around the world. We provide references with the help of which you can learn about the experience of working with us directly from our customers, and if you are nearby, we can arrange a visit to them to see the result of our work.

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