Getting started with QUEEN

QUEEN (Questrooms Uniform Engine for ENgineering) is escape room automation engine consists of the hardware and the software.

QUEEN hardware in most cases is called Control System (CS) you can purchase it on that page. We send all the components separately in the package - queen pack.

Then using our video tutorial and guides in this documentation you can easily assemble and mount the control system. We have a centralized control philosophy - Control System is a heart of the system and everything is controlled from it. But Queen Control System and else our hardware are the optional things, this means you can use your own hardware or take the well known one, like controllino PLC, DMX controllers and so on…

QUEEN software is basically consists of several products: 

  • queen room - main game manager for the game flow automation, provides a graphical interface for the game master;
  • queen studio - editor for creating queen projects and programming the game flow, and several useful utilities for giving the clues, working with TV and sound, and so on…

We recommend to start learning QUEEN with our video tutorials. We made these tutorials as a step-by-step guides showing how to automate an escape room from the very beginning, using the QUEEN system. We specially made an imaginary test escape room for these purposes.