QUEEN Software

QUEEN Software was developed as a to help escape room owners making automation process easy and fast. Software contains special editors, adjusting scenario tools, game manager, etc.

QUEEN Software references

You can download stable release by the URL below:
stable release

Due to periodically software updates and bug fixes, we always keep last version at the URL below:
beta version

Queen Software files list

bass.dll - audio library for windows
phonon4.dll - video library for windows
QtCore4.dll, QtGui4.dll, QtNetwork4.dll - Qt libraries for windows
queen_board.exe - emulator of the QUEEN BOARD
queen_board.cfg - queen_board.exe config file
queen_fingerprint.exe - queen hardware fingerprint for licensing windows
queen_fingerprint - queen hardware fingerprint for licensing on raspberry pi
queen_unisense.exe - emulator for QUEEN BUS devices for windows
queen_unisense.cfg - queen_unisense.exe config file
queen_room - queen escape room manager for raspberry pi
queen_room.exe - queen escape room manager for Windows
queen_sound - remote (ethernet/wifi) audio player for raspberry pi
queen_sound.exe - remote (ethernet/wifi) audio player for windows
queen_sound.cfg - queen_sound config file
queen_tv - remote (ethernet/wifi) video player for raspberry pi
queen_tv.exe - remote (ethernet/wifi) video player for windows
queen_tv.cfg - queen_tv config file
sound_check.mp3 - queen_sound media file for sound check
typing.mp3 - typing effect audio file for giving clues on queen_tv
queen_studio.exe - queen application for creating escape room projects.