Queen sound installation and setup

Queen sound is purposed for additional sound channels inside the escape room. This solution is quite big and expensive, but it's very flexible and well suitable for the such cases like extra sound for separate room or big gadget accompaniment.

Devices list



Comments, model, description

1. Power strip

2. Processor module

2.1. Raspberry Pi

exact model : raspberry pi 3 model B

2.2. micro-SD card

class 10, 8GB

2.3. RPI power supply

5V, 2-3A

3. Audio

3.1. Audio amplifier

model : TDA7498 chip based amplifier

3.2. USB sound card

model : creative SB play 3

3.3. 24VDC

requirements > 200W

3.4. minijack3.5 to 2xRCA

3.4. 2, 4 or 8 speakers

speakers connection we can look here, but if you need to plug only two speakers, just plug each speaker to each of two amplifier's channel.

Raspberry pi preparations

To prepare raspberry pi, first upload OS image, and then setup an IP address, using this guide. After that, copy the last queen_sound version to the folder /home/pi/queen/queen_sound, using this upload guide; we are uploading queen_sound application and necessary audio files.

After that copy queen_sound on your raspberry pi: create folder queen_sound in your home path (/home/pi) and just copy application queen_sound, configuration file queen_sound.cfg and sound check file sound_check.mp3 there. Use xftp application and guide.

Use queen_sound.cfg for configuration. As for Raspberry Pi, you can change only one parameter own=ip:port. But we recommend to leave it as is by the default (any:4455).

After, you should set a queen_sound executable attributes to make an opportunity of run this file. To implement this make a right mouse click on the target file and select “Properties” in the popup menu. Select “Permissions” tab in the “File properties” dialog and make an Execute = Anyone, press enter then:

Sound check

To implement a test, create an adapter component in the queen_studio, set property hwtype=sound, and specify an raspberry IP address, where queen_sound is running, port=4455. Start queen room and be sure the connection with queen tv is established (adapter becomes green), double left click on the adapter, then submenu “play” and choose file sound_check.mp3 to play from the list (files should be copied in advance). For raspberry pi, queen sound plays this audio on all devices (audio, hdmi, usb, … ), and for windows it plays file on all devices, specified in the queen_sound.cfg. Btw, queen_sound.cfg is not required for the raspberry pi.