Queen Studio Tricks

some studio hidden tricks are described here…

1. Room model editor

This chapter concerns only room model editing in the base studio window.

1.1. Parameter hwtype variants

Parameter 'hwtype' on electrical components and adapters can be used as following…

1.1.1. DIN's hwtype

DIN can call macroeffect when it becomes triggerhigh.
Syntaxmacro:filename.mef - will play the filname.mef as the macroeffect file, when din is triggered high.
Examplemacro:my_macro1.mef - will play my_macro1.mef when din is triggered high.

1.1.2. AIN's hwtype

AIN's hwtype can specify minimum, maximum and trigger parameters.
Syntaxain:min:max:level:range:timeout - set min and max are the minimum and maximum ranges of the ain; level, range and timeout can be interpreted as: if the value of ain is more than level-range and less than level+range for the period of the timeout milliseconds, ain goes to the trigger high.
Exampleain:0:500:100:20:250 - will set up ain range [0,500] and it will be triggered high if the value between 80 and 120 for the period of 250 milliseconds.

1.1.3. PWM's hwtype

PWM's hwtype can specify minimum and maximum.
Syntaxpwm:min:max - set min and max are the minimum and maximum ranges of the ain.
Examplepwm:0:5 - will set up ain range [0,5] for the pwm.

1.2. Use queen board analog input as the digital one

Imagine, you plug a button, reed, limit switch or any active barrier sensor with states disabled/enabled to the analog input due to the digital inputs (din) were expired on the QUEEN BOARD. You will have to create a ainobject to handle this sensor and you will have an uncofortable interpretation: near 0 - disabled state, near 1023 - enabled state. QUEEN software have a feature to read analog value as digital for such cases. For example, limit switch is connected to the analog pin 13 (i.e. using schematic AIN-PASSIVE). Create a din object, specify board the limit switch connected to, and set it's index as A13 (or a13 - it's not case sensitive). This will force queen_room read analog 13 input as digital and it will take value from 13th analog input, but not digital: values 0-511 will be interpreted as disabled state and values 512-1023 - as enabled state and it makes possible to use digital features like triggering for any analog input.

2. Macroeffects editor

This chapter concerns only macroeffects editing.

2.1. Option 'fade'

Fade option allows to change value of several parameters smoothly. For this moment queen allows to fade audio volume and pwm value. To implement this create a fade action in the macroeffect, select an object from the list (volume or pwm) and specify fade options:
Syntaxalgorythm:beginvalue:endvalue:timeofchange - will change smoothly from the beginvalue till the endvalue for a period of time timeofchange milliseconds; algorithm can be: lin - linear, exp - exponential, log - logorifmics; for this moment only linear algorithm is implemented.
Example for pwm1: lin:0:255:3000 - will change pwm1 value from 0 to 255 within 3 seconds.
Example for pwm1: lin:100:50:500 - will change pwm1 value from 100 to 50 within 0.5 seconds.
Example for volume: lin:10:75:1500 - will change sound volume from 10 to 75 within 1.5 seconds.