Display content manager - queen_tv

Queen contains the special application queen_tv allows to control display content; this application has a built for Microsoft Windows and Raspberry Pi 3, it is distributed for free.

Devices list




1. Power strip

2. Processor module

2.1. Raspberry Pi

exact model : raspberry pi 3 model B

2.2. micro-SD card

class 10, 8GB

2.3. RPI power supply

5V, 2-3A

3. Display

Display must have a HDMI-interface

Raspberry pi preparations

To prepare raspberry pi, first upload OS image, and then setup an IP address, using this guide. After that, copy the last queen_tv version to the folder /home/pi/queen/queen_tv, using this upload guide; we are uploading queen_tv application and necessary video files.

Common information

Laptop / PC or Raspberry Pi with queen_tv must be connected to the target display and it is integrated with queen_room game manager via LAN (WiFi/Ethernet). Application queen_tv features:

  • playing video files with an opportunity of loop;
  • set background image or color;
  • show current countdown timer;
  • show clues;

queen_tv screen layout:

HEAD - place for header (can be used for logo or escape room name);
TIME - place for timer;
CLUE - place for clues;

Application queen_tv has two possible mutual states: fullscreen video mode and text content mode.

Installing queen_tv

After that copy queen tv on the raspberry pi: create folder queen_tv в домашней папке (/home/pi) in your home path (/home/pi) and just copy application queen_tv and file typing.mp3. Use xftp application and guide. After, copy there video files and pictures in PNG format.

After, you should set a queen_tv executable attributes to make an opportunity of run this file. To implement this make a right mouse click on the target file and select “Properties” in the popup menu. Select “Permissions” tab in the “File properties” dialog and make an Execute = Anyone, press enter then:

To implement a test, create an adapter component in the queen_studio, set property hwtype=tv, and specify an raspberry IP address, where queen_tv is running, port=4466. Start queen room and be sure the connection with queen tv is established (adapter becomes green), double left click on the adapter, then submenu “play” and choose file to play from the list (files should be copied in advance and the format must be compatible - see at the bottom of the document).

Queen_tv commands

Several commands, like play video or give a clue can be commited manually from the game master interface in queen_room application, but full command list has more flexible functionality and can be implemented using macroeffects. To implement commands create a macroeffect action, select send type, then choose a target 'tv' adapter, and you can specify any of the command below (keywords are marked with bold) :

Operations with video:



play "video.avi"

go to the video mode and play video.avi

play "video.avi" loop

go to the video mode and play video.avi with loop


return from the video mode to the text content mode


pause video

application returns from video automatically after it finishes playing file if loop is not specified.

Work with content:



head "text"

show text in the HEAD zone

head off

hide text in the HEAD zone

time on

show timer in the TIME zone

time off

hide timer in the TIME zone

clue "text"

show text in the CLUE zone

clue "text" typing

show text in the CLUE zone slowly (symbol-by-symbol)

clue "text' typingfx

show text in the CLUE zone slowly (symbol-by-symbol) with a printing sound effect

textcolor newcolor

set color as newcolor in all of zones (HEAD,TIME,CLUE), newcolor can be either human-readable like, red, green, yellow, etc., or in the HEX-format RGB, beginning from the symbol # (CSS-style), i.e. #ff0000 - red, #00ff00 - green, #ffffff - white, etc.

headcolor newcolor

set color as newcolor in HEAD zone, format is described above

timecolor newcolor

set color as newcolor in TIME zone, format is described above

cluecolor newcolor

set color as newcolor in CLUE zone, format is described above

color newcolor

set background color as newcolor, format is described above

textsize size

set text size in all of zones (HEAD,TIME,CLUE), size - is a figure from 1 till 72

headsize size

set text size in HEAD zone, format is described above

timesize size

set text size in TIME zone, format is described above

cluesize size

set text size in CLUE zone, format is described above

font "newfont"

set font to the newfont in all of zones (HEAD,TIME,CLUE), newfont - is a font family, i.e. “Arial”, “Times New Roman”, “Corier New”, etc.

image "bg.png"

set backgroud.png as a background, position - left top

image "bg.png" stretch

set backgroud.png as a background and stretch it to screen size

1. Use only double quotes (not single) in the commands above.
2. Use only PNG files for the image (jpg not supported).
3. For Raspberry Pi: video files are streaming directly to the video memory for the acceleration, therefore you can not see it via VNC remote desktop. Video plays only to the HDMI interface.
4. For Raspberry Pi: we strongly recommend to play video files only in MP4 with H.264 codec.
5. For Windows: always install the last version of the K-Lite Codec Pack for playing video without problems.
6. We have an issue on Windows: in some cases video does not play even if codecs are installed properly. There is a temporary solution (and it works): install Qt library to the folder C:/qt/4.7.4/bin, delete all DLLs from the queen tv folder, add to the system Path variable a value C:/qt/4.7.4/bin, reboot a computer, and this will fix an issue. We will fix this soon, so all the dependencies for the external libraries will be included in our release like “in-box”, but now we are sorry for this inconvenient thing.