Raspberry pi queen software installation guide

Warning! We assuming the raspberrie's default IP address If you have different one, please specify it instead of the default one

1. Software installation

Use xftp application to copy files (guide is specified below):
Raspberry Pi file transfer (FTP) and security shell (SSH) client setup guide

Open xftp, establish the connection with the target raspberry pi. Create /home/pi/queen/room folder if not existed, and then copy queen_room and required project there. In the result you must see the following files in the folder /home/pi/queen/room:


run queen room from VNC, but, before, be sure that queen room has an execute permissions, if it's not not set it up (p.2).

2. queen_room execution permission setup

If you copy an executable file (like queen_room, queen_tv, etc) you should set an executable attributes to make an opportunity of run this file. To implement this make a right mouse click on the target file and select “Properties” in the popup menu. Select “Permissions” tab in the “File properties” dialog and make an Execute = Anyone,press enter then: